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About Us

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As a leading provider of electronic communication services, accredited by the ISP Council and ICASA, with AS Number 328760, and known for providing reliable, friendly, and personalized service, we have earned a reputation for providing reliable, friendly, and personalized service. Founded in 2009, ZTEL initially focused on VoIP services and ADSL alternatives. Today, our strategy has evolved and matured. We now provide Fibre Internet in areas that are covered by Openserve, Frogfoot, and other major fibre providers throughout South Africa. Additionally, we have created a microwave-based alternative to high speed fiber in areas where fiber is not available, called SonicFibre, an AirFibre product.  

The ZTEL Team

The ZTEL team is introduced here along with details of how to contact each member

Adam Al Akhras

Adam Al Akhras  is responsible for managing overall operations, driving profitability, managing company organizational structure, strategy, and communicating with the general management.  

Mobile: 061 943 0573


Muhammad Owais

ZTEL Founder
Muhammad Owais founded ZTEL Communications in 2009  and continues to manage the core operations of the company alongside regional partners throughout South Africa

Mobile: 065 231 1081


Mujahid Al Qudah

George Regional Manager
Mujahid serves as the regional manager in George and handles accounts for this region

Mobile: 067 033 5620


Victory Madimba

Eastern Cape  Regional Manager
In his role, Mr. Madimba supervises and directs the operation of various offices, guides and manages the  sales, marketing, billing, support and tower maintenance teams.

Mobile: 065 871 6043



Mariyah Omer

Kwa-Zulu Natal Regional Manager 
In addition to being Durban’s regional manager, Mariyah also works as Kwa-Zulu Natal’s head of accounts

Mobile: 061 533 7814


Marvelous Sunhua

Core Network Admin
Based at our head office in Port Elizabeth, Mr Sunhua manages core network infrastructure and support team operations

Mobile: 067 227 9860

Muneeb Jamal

Billing & Accounts Head Office
Muneeb is responsible for customer service related to ZTEL accounts and billing

Mobile: 069 195 6609


Osama Banda

Chief of Operations, Port Elizabeth
Based in Port Elizabeth, Osama manages ZTEL’s day-to-day  field operations

Mobile: 078 129 8815

Waathiq Stuart

Chief Marketing Officer
Waathiq Staurt is our chief marketing officer. He can be contacted directly using the information below.

Mobile: 067 227 9860

Shareef Frost

Sales Manager

Shareef serves as the point of contact between ZTEL and its prospective clients  while supporting existing clients with information and assistance that relates to products and services.

Mobile: 067 227 9860


Core network Manager

Assists Core Network Administration in supporting server applications and operating systems and provide helpdesk assistance in resolving software, hardware and network related problems.

Mobile: 067 227 9860


Khalil Banda 

Chief of Operations, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Khalil oversees operations in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region while improving network performance, procuring resources and securing compliance.

Mobile: 067 227 9860


Muhammed Mas’ood

Operations, George

ZTEL’s field operations in George are managed by Masood.

Mobile: 067 227 9860

A timeline of major ZTEL events


Launch of ZTEL Communications

ZTEL started in Malabar in 2009, installing the highest capacity line available and distributing it to clients over wireless.


Expanded coverage to entire Malabar area

Erected new towers at stretegic locations to service all Malabar residents


ZTEL welcomes Adam Al Akhras

ZTEL welcomes a new partnership that allows rapid expansion in Gelvandale and the surrounding areas.


Expansion to Korsten and surrounding areas

Due to demand by individuls and the large business community in Korsten, ZTEL was invited to erect towers to service this area


Highest capacity provider in the northern areas

ZTEL becomes the provider that holds the highest capacity in all of the northern areas. There was a lack of high speed capacity in the northern areas, so we increased our capacity via Microwave from other areas.


Upgraded towers and equipment for higher capacity

Wireless coverage reaches West End, with high capacity bandwidth.


Expansion to Linton Grange

ZTEL now co-locates at one of the highests points in Port Elizabeth. Expanding service to the greater PE


Barcelona capacity upgraded

Wireless coverage and capacity upgraded in Barcelona area


Towers Upgrade Completed

Upgraded our towers to use the latest cutting edge wireless technology and best in class cabling systems, thus providing higher backhaul speeds


Network upgrade and restructure

Upgrades to ZTEL’s core routers and border gateway routers provide increased redundancy and alternative routes. 


ZTEL billing system with Automated payments

Inftroduced a new billing system linked with all major South African banks for automated payment processing.


ZTEL forges a partnership in KwaZulu Natal

A new partnership is formed, thus laying the groundwork for the establishment of ZTEL internet services in Berea and surrounding areas.




ZTEL SonicFibre rollout in Durban

SonicFibre technology was rolled out by ZTEL in Overport, and residents there are experiencing the fastest internet they have ever seen.


ZTEL is delighted to announce a new partnership.

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Sheikh Mujahid Al Quda as a new partner. Consequently, this opens up new markets for us in South Africa, including George, Western Cape. 


ZTEL SonicFibre rollout in George

SonicFibre technology was rolled out by ZTEL in George, Western Cape, offering the best value/speed plans currently available.



ZTEL becomes an authorised Openserve Partner

ZTEL Partners with Openserve to provide ADSL, VDSL and Fibre services throughout South Africa


ZTEL now co-locates its core routers at Teraco Isando

Strategically located in Ekurhuleni, the greater Johannesburg Metropol’s trade and industry hub, the Isando Campus is strategically positioned to serve the local and African market as the interconnection hub for cloud, content and connectivity. Teraco’s Isando Campus provides the cloud onramp for Amazon, Google and Microsoft’s Azure. Through ZTEL core routers installed here, we are directly connected to most gaming and content providers


ZTEL unveils its new website.

Through our new website, we’ve integrated our instant messaging platform and client portal, allowing direct interaction with visitors. Through our new service monitoring solutions, customers can also view network status in real time.